Friday, August 03, 2007

It was my friends’ birthday…last…night…can…barely…think

I can’t say much beyond bluh bub bluh bluh. Its mega hot and I stink like booze. Don’t remember much, just standing outside a strip club and comparing my lung capacity against my girls. I smoke faster, in thick dirty drags, she has petite little puffs. I’ve been on a jagerbomb tip ever since Halifax, and that must explain the stains on my shirt, they’re always sloppy.

I also rubbed birthday cake all over my body, and my shirt was sticking to me all night. I smelt sweet and had plenty of soft bodies brushing up against me and commenting on it, trying to get money. I have their make up all over me and ATM receipts in my pockets when I woke up.

Man I’m dreading the Facebook photos.

P.S. Hoping on a plane to go back to Sask. Can't wait, apparently the town we're going to is extreamly tiny, like 150 ppl. "I'm white by chance but country by God's graces." And I plan to keep it that way.


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