Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a year in the life of El Chupacabras

Last week marked one full year of Ghosts and Admissions. So to celebrate, I’ve compiled some of my fav quotes from entries throughout the year.

El Chupacabras on Ghosts…

June 27, 2006
“Also, they aren’t very organized. They probably died prior to the industrial revolution, or at least before the 1st labor day, so they perished before becoming unionized. I say this because usually ghosts are those dudes who died in pain or were crazy, and after that point there have been significant improvement in both palliative care and the treatment of the mentally ill.”

El Chupacabras Zombies…

Aug 30, 2006
"Hey man, 'aint nobody come between me and my zesty Italian!" The zombie, non receptive to the urgency of my demand simply asked "You gonna’ back that ass up, or should I push up on it?"

Aug 8, 2006
“I guess their arrogance comes from the fact that they speak Latin. Ooohh big deal you dead bastards! Of course you speak Latin, that’s what everyone speaks when they’re dead!”

April 24th
“If you’re a connectivist you will aim for the brain stem which controls gross motor skills guided by hardwired networks in their rotting brain. If you’re a computationalist you will fire into their frontal lobes.”

Oct 10, 2006
“They demonstrated advanced cognitive behaviour in the recognition of a abstract idea, so why would they not posses the ability to recognize a value system pertaining to a tangible reality, another human.”

El Chupacabras on the nature of Hell…

Sept 19
“The problem was that ‘good’ currently did not exist in Hell, so no amount of "good" was available to bestow upon evil souls thus ensuring their attendance in Hell. So the net effect would be good people coming to Hell by default due to the contradictory definitions contained with in the legal codes of Heaven and Hell.”

Sept 15, 2006
Lethargy and Pestilence also took offence to the flagrant abuse of political appointments, however lacked the support to muster a proper opposition. As Lethargy slept, Pestilence was avoided like the plague by those in attendance, and their amendment to introduce caucus votes on appointment died on the floor

El Chupacabras on Aliens…
Dec 11, 2006
"Love supplements the human search for value with a capacity for bestowing it gratuitously. See you love something then attach value to it because you love it. We would much rather you 'love' something that has previously been deemed valuable, such as our souls, and treated them accordingly."

Dec 10th,
I supposed the saddest things from your inferior point of view is that in doing so you are also destroying the one that you love.""So aliens don't love? You focus solely on yourselves and the continuation of your own existence?""Yes, how else would we become superior beings."

El Chupacabras on Monsters at large
March 14, 2004
“I am happy that some notable and influential monsters have come to my side in support of my position”

Aug 17, 2006
“…one of the most enduring scourges on the Mexican population. Zapatistas and dysentery do not have the combined number of kills as this legendary creature.”


At 1:27 PM, Blogger Marieseda said...


I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I remember the day I found your site I went through and read everything you wrote as it was all so entertaining. I must admit your opinion and observations on zombies has always been a favourite of mine. One of my absolute favourites being:

Aug 8, 2006
“I guess their arrogance comes from the fact that they speak Latin. Ooohh big deal you dead bastards! Of course you speak Latin, that’s what everyone speaks when they’re dead!”

It’s thanks to you I started blogging and I’ve found it a great outlet and friend (yes, I know that sounds gay) at times.

Thanks for the laughs and thought provocation (every so often).


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