Sunday, April 08, 2007

Maybe this is premature

I was wondering what is to become of our soul when we die. Now this isn’t the same Dogma argument that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon went over, like how much of myself will I retain and what will actually accompany me to heaven. It’s more through out the history of man kind when we all, on the day of rapture, arrive in heaven how will the lapse in time effect us.

So say the most primitive of humans wind up in heaven, they should retain their soul, after all it was the goodness of that soul that got them there in the first place. So that soul, unique to them, will in theory be vastly different from the soul of a yet to be born futuristic do-gooder who also makes it into heaven. What happens to our souls as we wait for heaven? Tones of time could pass; do they evolve with the current state of humanities soul? If not, will we be confronted in heaven by souls so vastly different from our own so as to be unrecognizable as human?

I know some people will wonder how I’m mixing evolution and God in one post, but there has to be some adaptation of the nature of our souls. The earliest human had different restraints and pressure born out of an innate need to survive. Our souls succumb to different pressures crafted largely from the quest for luxury and the toll it takes on our mind body and spirit to achieve them. Are the stresses we put on our souls innately different, have we changed or conditioned them in separate ways? Are the choices we make in the face of innovation creating new paths for our souls to take, or does it always boil down to two choices; good and evil?

I’d hate to be on the forefront of human ingenuity, reveling in new breakthroughs of emotional intelligence and soul development, only to die and wake up stone aged by comparison to some futuristic individual who has perfected the cultivation of a proper soul. However I doubt there’s much room for lording over one another in heaven.


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