Thursday, March 15, 2007

Steve, is this shit true?

According to Scientific America the Sun is expected to have more solar flares this year then in the past 1000 years combined. The effect is trillions of neutrinos and other sub atomic particles flooding our atmosphere. Although there is no physiological effect that we are expected to endure aside from the occasional high UV day, scientists have becoming concern with the rapid depletion and expulsion of the sun’s precious neutrinos.

For those who don’t know what a neutrino is, it’s a microscopic orb of angry little energy. It’s the stuff that puts a twinkle in your eye or makes your ears steam when you’re mad. Scientists have begun to worry that the intensity of the sun will diminish thus resulting in colder winters etc. Economists have suggested that the commoditization of these sub atomic particles will assist in stopping the sun from flooding the market with them. If they are able to retain their residual value and composition of equal positive and negative ion, there is less chance that their devaluation will result in excess supply, thus insuring stability in the neutrino market.

The scientific community is split on the subject, but some are hedging their bets by buying up neutrino futures. However this has created a volley of securities investigations for insider trading, further destabilizing the industry. China is pissed too!


At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Sj said...

Man...and here the n00b global warming thought it ran this shit and then got owned by Sol who decided to just send out less heat.. I guess our sun is on our side


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