Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Are there dark days ahead?

So now that I’m back in Montreal I had fully expected to run into my Alien friend again. I haven’t yet and I have my suspicions that it’s because I’m stuck in doors with food poisoning or ulcers or something. But it’s not like this dude wasn’t able to appear in the most unusual of places before. A restaurant, a park, why not my beside my cold and empty bed? It’s not as if the matter is settled.

Last time we spoke he departed in a huff, unable to convince me about the fallibility of love. What he claims to be a perversion, I hold to be fundamental to all of human history, for we have always been inspired, humiliated, or subjugated to it. It wasn’t so much a face that launched 1000 ships to spawn one of the most heroic and treacherous battles of human history; it was an aura, a presence, something that couldn’t fully be comprehended and thus the sentiments of a king had to suffice to launch two mighty kingdoms into battle. I wonder if my Alien friend has ever endured war, in the future there is probably no need for them. If every one is assimilated and has reached perfection, what could your neighbour possibly covet that you yourself don’t possess?

So perhaps love is the one last limited resource on earth, more important then ancestral land rights or oil or water. Then maybe once loneliness is conquered, mindless bloodshed will cease and harmony will prevail. I suppose then that Bush Jr. Jr. Jr. will go to war in the future to find the “one” who can capture his heart and thus liberate the world from this cycle of taking up arms to posses the one thing that can sustain human life and peace. Acceptance, knowing that you are in fact loved and there’s no need to feel any better or worse off then anyone else, because they too share this sense of fulfillment, and are comforted in that fact. Then possession isn’t so much an issue because there is no need to squabble over it if everyone is completed and satisfied in what it is they have.

If only my Alien friend was here to help determine if this is in fact the case, perhaps I would be comforted knowing that my girlfriend eye fucking someone on the street isn’t so much an invite but a celebratory glance at the fact that we all share a common bond.


At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and your damn aliens! No one likes aliens and no one cares if you're in love

At 12:46 AM, Blogger kristin said...

i care. stupid anonymous...


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