Wednesday, January 10, 2007

hear ye, hear ye.

So now that I’ve decided to call it quits I think I'll go on tour. I have many a grave yard to haunt and I wouldn’t mind your help. Over the past six months I've made many friends and I'd like to visit them. I've notice I have many readers both in Kitchener and Windsor, so perhaps I will start there. They are generally sympathetic to my inability to throw a punch or be able to muster the courage to be honest. I've also discovered that I don't really like people from Northern Ontario. I find them mean and judgmental and they are always anonymous.

So to start, I want to direct your attention to my latest gadget to help locate you. On the right side bar there is a little globe, it connects to a map where you can post your location. Follow the steps to add your hometown to my travel itinerary.

Accompanying me will be all the witty commentary and insightful self examination. Gone will be the morose narcissism and nagging commitment issues. I'll show up and breeze through with my typical gusto and be gone before you know it! There's far too much world out there to be had and frankly I'm already getting itchy feet.

Time to move on!


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Hey el. If you must...
(C'est moi dans RSA)

At 5:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi all!



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