Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And I swear that I just breathed Napoleon in….

So now that I’ve recaptured my happy disposition, I’ve begun to see monsters again. The most enterprising of them selling cheap goods on the streets, others creep into my room at night and sit at the end of my bed. It’s a happy reunion and I consider it a bit of vindication to be honest.

There is currently a divide forming in the horror/sci-fi community and I have been under attack lately. Certain elements within the community have been over-sensualizing the zombie genre by equating sex to gore, to the point that they’ve almost become interchangeable. I have rigorously stated that the two are independent functions of separate drivers and not everything is a mirroring of popular cultures fixation of consumption. So the lines have been drawn, I attribute genuine human characteristics to them, others claim zombie actions are merely a reflex to the surrounding environment, and that they exhibit no independent or critical thinking of their own.

I am happy that some notable and influential monsters have come to my side in support of my position and I thank them for their words of encouragement.


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