Sunday, April 01, 2007

Life is a highway... littered with dead cats and construction dirt

Just an update about how things have changed on the farm. Came home to visit and several things have caught my attention.

First of all my "puppy" Sam has grown like a mofo and is now a teenager and horny and wild as hell. The stupid thing started attacking me and he tripped me and I fell face first into a bush and I got all muddy. Then the asshole started biting my face while I spilled my coffee all over myself. Jerk.

Also strange is how my town is growing. They're building a new addition on my old high school, and there's model homes everywhere because of all the development that's going on. All the posted speed limits have been reduced as farm land is swallowed up by zoning changes. Its was weird to drive through and see how it's transformed.

I also got to drive my car in the first time in long while. I gave it to my little bro because I could never find parking by my apartment downtown. It was nice to cycle through the gears and let'er dangle like old times. My brother even fixed the radio and it was the first time in like three years that I could listen to music in my own car. It was great, I thought about the strange attachment of music and memory, hope, regret and especially guilt. I find it weird that I find sad songs triumphant, I guess when you come out on the other side it's sort on an accomplishment.

I wanted to keep driving, I thought to hell with the price of gas. I thought of the pace at which music is developed and how a song can go from top 40 to cheesy elevator ambience in a month. The internet can take you from rags to riches and back again quicker then my piece of shit car can hit 60. But its fun none the less, flash in pan or pushing 300k, its all good with me.


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