Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Capital Diary

For the past two months I’ve been living in Ottawa, I have a great place with my girlfriend. My Job is always new and exciting, real high stakes with short deadlines but super fun. Its great to live in a different city, its great to come home to Toronto. I like the quiet, then I like the noise, I like the smiling faces, then I like the rude and callous indifference of Torontonians. It’s like when seasons change and you get all nostalgic, you keep getting hit with all that you love day to day, because I bounce back and forth so much.

I’m off to Toronto again tonight; I’m looking forward to craning my neck up towards the skyscrapers and squinting into the many rows of lights and trying to guess at the number of floors. I’m excited to see the sunrise from across the lake onto the downtown core as a bend around the highway on the way to the airport. I’m just stopping through. I’m off to Vancouver and that should prove to be interesting. I haven’t been there since January, so I’m excited.


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