Thursday, July 05, 2007


So I’m starting to wonder about tearing up my donor card. Yes I’d love to help where I can, and what the hell am I gonna’ do with my organs while I’m dead, but still something seems so creepy….

Consumption can take many forms, what’s the difference between ingesting human tissue and assimilating it? I guess that’s one of the scariest things about zombies, as your eaten, even if you don’t become reanimated yourself , you become part of the initial zombie that ate you. You have nurtured it and allowed for the continuation of its existence through your vitamin enriched flesh. Nobody wants that.

So if another human was to assimilate my liver or kidney they would be in a sense consuming me at least in part. That’s why there’s so many zombies in China, because the communist government keeps harvesting the organs of Falun Dong disciples. That’s why everyone walks around with their calm Buddhist demeanour, they’re actually already dead.


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