Monday, July 09, 2007

Auto-sluts...more beneath their thighs

So I just saw Transformers and was blown the fuck away. It’s by far the most stunning visual I’ve ever seen. Apparently there’s something like 32 hours of CGI labour that went into every frame x’s 24 frames per second…so wild. Also mega political and anti government, pretty good especially considering the battle of virtue that’s being waged on our behalf by alien robots.

Also exciting is the new invasion of the body snatchers with Nicole Kidman. She’s really becoming typecast for the psychological zombie roles a la “The Stepford Wives”. But I guess you’re bound to become vapid and empty after being married to Tom Cruise for so long.

Beings that’s are devoid of compassion are alright if they have a soft alabaster exoskeleton. There nothing like the tender embrace of a robot, it’s just too bad that my testicles are too delicate for their vice like pincers….


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