Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Western Road Trip

After pushing over 2000 kilometres in the PT Cruiser rental across Manitoba and Saskatchewan I sure have a lot to share. The feel of canola on your naked thighs or the dusty air that stings your eyes and makes you squint into a hazy distance that never ends. Driving for hour with the only variation being a sun that crosses from your rear-view mirror over your shoulder and on in front of you.

We went to the largest country jamboree in the world in a town called Craven in a valley outside of Regina. We sat outside a clapboard beer store and sold liquor out of our trunk trying to ditch our booze before hopping on a jet. We watched dust rise across the valley as pickup trucks raced across the horizon towards Birsy. We herded stray cows as they wandered the streets of Central Butte and watched pigs clamour on top of each other in their sweltering trailer on the ferry we used to cross a from Lucky Lake .

At the end of it all I wished I was a rancher. I wished I had the time to study a distant and endless sky. I wish I was left to rust out in the rain like so many abandoned school buses or bleach in the sun like buffalo skulls. When you move so fast there’s no time for any of that, 9-5’s then 5-10’s rub the rust right of you.


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