Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Take solace that the soulless get so less than you

So sitting on a patio on Sparks Street downtown I talked to a fellow blogger and he was trying to get a feel for what I do. I gave him the low down about ghosts as spectres disguised as hookah smoke lingered above our heads. He asked if I posted pictures of naked ghosts which spurred a curious question. The answer of course is no, because we all know photographic technology isn’t advanced enough yet to capture the likeness of ghosts. Silly.

Are ghosts ever really clothed? They may appear to be draped in old and outdated clothes complete with shackles and 18th century monocles or pantaloons. But their clothes are immaterial; really all that remains is their souls. An exposed glimpse of what’s left of that person after all physical elements are stripped away. We spend so much time throughout our lives concealing ourselves or our feelings and hardening ourselves against a judgmental world that it is difficult to really get a grasp on the contents of ones soul. And it is only when the intangible residue of a human is before us that we can truly see it. And the sad thing is, that’s what frightens people.


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