Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Israel...1st night

Having just brokered a deal between two warring factions within my young political group I felt particularily clever. This being one of the larger annoyances in my life I was feeling close to 10 feet tall. However, I arrived at the airport to realize that my passport was expired, which quickly chopped me down to size. But in what can only be described as the biggest come back story of the year, I was able to get a brand new passport in 20 minutes. This trip was sure to be filled with all sorts of miracles. People wanted to rub me for good luck, or get my business card. I was hoping this would translate into an aphrodesiac for Israeli woman but to be honest would have settled for not having Air France not cutting us off midway over the Atlantic.

Landing in Tel Aviv the air smelled like Play Dough. It made we feel like there was so much history that the air actually had content. Like you could grasp it, and there was something there to shape or influence, or if you pleased it could shape you. I soon discovered just how pliable our minds our, I was perhaps at my most judgmental, condemnation or self-assertion run amuk.

We boarded a bus to Jerusalem, I was under whelmed by the desert as it whizzed past beneath a flat and distant moon. Its only a forty minute drive and I started what would become a common theme of questioning what I knew, this time it was judging distance on a map.

We stood on a hill staring at the old city of Jerusalem with the city of David between us. We listened to our tour guide Michael give us 4000 years of history in roughly 20 minutes. Nothing hit me, no impressions yet, it was like I was at a theme park or something, nothing sunk in. I might as well be in Disney Land I thought.


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