Tuesday, December 04, 2007

In the distant distant future…

The not so distant future is never available and suffers from immediate obsolescence. Due to the hyper evolution of robots, events and monumental change happen at a rate that cannot be documented in time thus eliminating the concept of the present.

Birthday gifts are now given in bulk years in advance, and eulogies are performed on the date of birth using mega hypothesis generating computers so as everyone gets a timely opportunity to mourn the loss of their loved ones.

There is now, (or should I say there was) a thriving market in futures. Beings purchase galactic credits in enjoyment to be used at later dates. Despite the giant strides in cognitive conditioning to handle the mass of daily sensory overload, the carbon based mind still is unable to process a holistic view of daily events, and thus the “futures” market became inevitable.

Necessity begat invention which begat evolution which begat experimentation to handle the rate of adoption of new technology which begat even more invention which required both more evolution to perform and more evolution to handle the latest discoveries which begat necessity at a level unconceivable up to this point, and at a rate so fast that not only futures were required to enjoy them but also pasts were necessary to recall them. And as necessity was always only the dominate force of progress, a new paradigm was required to mediate the differentials between an ever present future, a lack of pure or absolute present and an ideal of a past now so remote due to the rapidity of evolution that the concept of the reintroduction of the galaxies most sentimental creatures was considered.

Unfortunately since the destruction of human kind the above happened and no one could recall the inhabitants of the planet earth and thus that concept of sentimentality died once more.

And somewhere God softly shook his head.


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