Saturday, November 03, 2007

I got my drink and my two-step

Oh yeah, stereotypes abound as of late. Walking up to the Long Branch, which is a bar in an ally between a hotel and a golf dome, the street was strewn with puking cowboys. Their friends would laugh and say “ummm ya hungry?” as vomit splashed on our feet. Every urinal was stained with chewing tobacco and people actually wore shirts with flames on it. I loved every second.

This morning, which looked strangely like late afternoon, I got to do donuts behind a flour mill. I bounced around running a slalom between broken bottles and cautionary tales of unbridled displays of excitement.

I squinted into the sun as dust rose against a pale blue sky. I marveled at its vastness and behind the wheel I thought that if the sky goes on forever, then I could see it. As in I can see forever, not in some sort of linear progression or time line but as a massive all encompassing holistic view. I have infinite vision that falls on every blade of grass or every hair of your lovers head. And I not only see it all, but am part of some larger harmonized unifying theorem that in a weird way connects us all in more then just some sort of spatial relationship.

Then I gently blew my girlfriend a kiss across the prairie.


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