Monday, October 22, 2007

Another self important update.

I’ve had quite and exciting few days.

- On Friday, just 12 hours before the deadline of a contest that’s been running for a year, I was nominated for two bloggers choice awards. Needless to say I got smoked and won’t be going to Vegas but cool none the less. You can still vote for me on your right.

-Also haven’t smoked in 11.5 days. Feeling good and even doing pushups.

-Going to Saskatchewan tomorrow for about 3 weeks to work on a campaign. Really excited, except for the fact that it’s minus 10 and snowing. Don’t know how much posting I’ll be able to do out there. But I think I’ll hit Alberta up afterwards.

-These monsters I’ve been seeing are starting to suck. Before we’d have fun and do giant lap sits and laugh as we tumbled to the ground in a tangled mess. Now it’s just scary. One cornered me in the grocery store and blocked my chic peas, I couldn’t move, I just stood there pretending to look at juice. Another stood under a street light on my street, mouth gapping open in dumbfounded surprise. I brushed past her in a hurry, and wondered who jogs with car keys in their hands?

Hope I’ll be able to keep you abreast of the latest out west.


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