Thursday, October 04, 2007

In the not so distant future…(day 5)

The daily algorithm intercept broadcasted the news directly into the minds of all humans. Every person was equally informed with knowledge obtained and rendered by giant computers run out of Toronto. Robots in quadrant 5 locale 6 had been successful in emotion replication. For years they had been experimenting with extracting emotion from the human DNA. Because jealously was the most potent of these they now announced (in a display that resembled pride) that several robots were running around not sharing and exhibiting selfish behavior.

The implications of this troubled our scientist. Each person receives an inoculation against selfishness inutero and it had lead to a general harmonious planet. The reintroduction of selfishness certainly wasn’t needed, especially among robots. Robots were there to tend to humans needs; it is because of their discipline that humans could afford their lackadaisical existence. If they were to elevate their own concerns above those of humans the consequences would be disastrous. With the selfish gene now absent in humans they would not be able to fend for themselves, even so far as to grow their own food. They would simply wither away without the slightest complaint even during the most painful throes of starvation.

The scientist quickly scanned the room to determine who among her motley crew of clones would come in handy in such a scenario. These were among the only full grown humans on the planet who still contained the selfish gene because it came part in parcel with the rest of their genetic makeup. Because of her inability to determine who would be best suited to lead because that would involve a statement of preference she simply announced that the clones would have to determine themselves who would be their leader.


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