Sunday, September 23, 2007

March of the dogs…

Just got back from seeing Resident Evil: Extinction, don’t even get me started. I’m going to fast track my work on my screen play. The world needs a good zom/rom/com and guess who’s gonna give it to ‘em?

Picture yourself in the tender embrace of your girlfriend; imagine the wonder and amazement thats isolated from the world that’s destroying itself beyond your door. Your family is dead, the worlds gone to shit, mass suicides claims your friends in a fit of religious fervor. As darkness descends upon the globe and its cold fingers extend over the face of the earth, you’re pleased with a little alone time with the one you love.

So fill up the tub, grab a shot gun and wait it out with the one person who was by your side long before the first zombie took its first mouthful of warm human flesh. The worlds been consuming itself for ages, zombies are nothing new; we’ve been in a siege mentality since birth. The fight over limited resources, coveting you neighbors wife, life, oil…

Feel compassion for those beating down your door, they’ve already lost everything.


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