Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nowhere bound...

Whoa, I’ve been better. Back in Montreal, and I spent the day climbing stairs and running from house to house wearing a garbage bag to guard against the rain. I’ve got a pretty bad head cold and now I’m hiding inside my hotel room alone. I spent a long time staring at a cloud slowly creep behind a building. It moved along all purpely and it reminded me of the slow progression of a tape worm inside and intestinal tract or a sausage factory. Sometimes it would halt like it ran up against some baraometric friction. I’ve been curious about clouds for sometime now and I wonder about their motivation. What pressure is exerted on these most delicate yet in tactile objects?

It reminded me of the pressures on my own life, I’m ethereal, I’m light and lessier fair, yet what can stop me?


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