Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This post has three titles

1. To infinity and beyond part deux
2. Cheers to infallibility
3. This is me with one eye

The streets seem quiet tonight, it’s sort of eerie. I got to take the long walk home tonight like I always did and enjoy the sights and sounds. By sights I mean the inaction of the familiar buildings with nothing much going on. They sort of just stand there and mark my place, like landmarks that remind me of last year’s progression. Past the Ethiopian place that I regretted going to but reminds me of Ray, past the sex trade workers that made me blush. Past this past that, I’ve never done this walk in summer. I did it from memory even crossing the street as I usually did but that wasn’t necessary this time around.

Back roads with wind tunnels? got it. Creepy churches with homeless people on the step? I got it. Sense of despair and self deprecation?…working on it. Oh the burden of happiness, I don’t fit in among the dark and cold concrete.

I squint at distant stop lights and think of my direction, or as I prefer- trajectory….there’s no where to go but up.


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