Friday, August 24, 2007

The course of human history

I found a baby bird in the rain the other day. It was cowering against the wall trembling trying to hide from the downpour. I picked it up and its bent and broken wing fluttered in my hands. I was kind of torn on what to do…was I supposed to just leave it? or bring it home with me and nurse it back to health only to have it be abandoned by its mother.

I had the power of death over life. I was a giant, I was a monster, and its very future depended upon the grace that I could bestow or withhold. I thought that I could adopt it and teach it about fine wines and have it sip from the palm of my hand. Or I could teach it what it means to be in love and stroke its fragile feathers while I listen to it breathe. I wanted to spread maps in front of it and plan trips and be romantic and show all that human life had to offer.

I thought of the songs that I could teach it, how to accompany me as I play piano. We could laugh at our errors and exchange glances at those perfect moments. A long and purposeful gaze washed across its face as hope rose in its tiny heart. I thought about all the knowledge that I could possibly impart and what the most important lesson about humans could be….then I quickly crushed it in my fist.


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