Tuesday, August 21, 2007

yeah it was that good

Got to play host to a group of people from around the country this weekend. I’m pretty tired and my legs are sore but I feel pretty good about it. I let my friends marvel at the wonders of Toronto and the random trivia that was made up largely on the spot. So I may have lost some credibility among them and will probably have to give up on my dream of being a tour guide.

I told them not to believe that Algonquin propaganda about how Toronto really got its name or how the residents of Toronto towed the 2nd oldest brick house in the city down Yonge Street in a parade after burning down the 1st one. I went on and on, much like I do on this blog, about how Eggelton Ryerson and Alexander the Great founded Ryerson in the year 333 BC; the first polytechnic university in the new world.

Perhaps the greatest is the feeling of sharing the sun with a friend as it creeps around the corner of a sky scraper, the wind carrying a million whispers as it curls behind your ears, the romance afforded by a large and anonymous city. Oh Toronto, your suspicious bouncers and unionize street people delight me. I was happy to caress a strange woman on the dance floor, to squint dizzyingly into a strobe light, to howl at the moon while tripping over street car tracks. I love your non judgemental cab drivers and gracefully indifferent doormen. Like we’re all pulling together, a wonderful exercise in tolerance and creativity that provides the succulent backdrop for lust or adventure.


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