Thursday, August 09, 2007

Razom Nas Bahato

I think I’m due for some epic battle. Like some Mothra vs. Godzilla shit. Like Octavius vs. Marc Anthony sort of shit.

My ancestors didn’t cross the Gobi desert and the steppes of East Asia drinking nothing but yaks milk for this shit. My distant great grand father wasn’t burnt at the stake for standing with Luther as he nailed the 97 thesis to the doors of the Wittenberg cathedral for this bullshit to happen. As a child my father held soviet artillery shells in his hand and disassembled them with an axe in the woods; my grandmother crawled through waist deep snow through a mine field cradling her sleeping daughter all the way to Austria.

I didn’t stand up to a four star general in Ukraine to argue a constitution that was a mere few hours old with his gun men behind him so that my own friends could betray me and take credit for my work.

I guess relativity is a bitch, but I come from a long line of revolutionaries and it’s in my blood. I’m compelled to battle for those who are under privileged, oppressed and disenfranchised. I could have changed history, but what a poor fucking start.

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