Tuesday, October 02, 2007

In the not so distant future…(day 2)

With William Shakespeare properly disposed of after obtaining a urine sample, our noble scientist was adjusting to the new form his body had taken. After the dirty work associated with failed cloning attempts, he ingested a vial full of nanobots that underwent the process of trans-genderfication. Our now female scientist sat rubbing her smooth legs and squeezing her breast in amazement to the delight of Yoda who remained sitting on the couch.

Yesterday was spent adjusting apertures and chemical combinations as he added to his cohort of famous individuals. A host of reincarnated stars loitered around the laboratory introducing themselves to their fellow clones. In awkward gestures they attempted to greet each other, with much bowing and a litany of genealogies. Plato had run off with Scarlet Johansson and wouldn’t be seen for hours. A dark skinned Michael Jackson stared in horror at his light skinned compatriot.

Carl Jung joined Madame Scientist on the couch to go over what was known as the “exit interview”. Jung expected he would soon be leaving, eager to explore a world where gadgetry had made nearly every human endeavor obsolete. The scientist, however, had other things in mind.

“It is an absurd prejudice to suppose that existence can only be physical” Jung said, as if this realization hadn’t dawned on him centuries before. “We know matter in so far as we perceive physic images mediated by the senses.”

“So things can still exist even if they are amputated from their physical self?” questioned the scientist.

“Absolutely” stated Jung.

“Good, that’s what I was counting on. Now can you please fill this up?” said the scientist passing him a hermetically sealed container.


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