Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm not old, just dying...

A year ago today I wrote about my return home to the farm. That weekend, I got in a fight with my buddy Ryan who decisively kicked my ass. Prior to that we had a morose exchange about life and living that provided a nice juxtaposition to the beating that was to ensue. So this weekend we raised our glasses and it wasn’t 2 minutes before we were at each others throats again. I asked the guitar player to dedicate the saddest song he knew to Ryan cuz he just got diagnosed with aids. Not a great start.

I felt big driving my brothers’ new truck. I felt larger than my accusers; I could careen around or simply drive over impediments to my health and happiness. It was like Viagra on wheels. I recently spread a rumor that my dong could stop a rhino from charging, it was like that just faster.

But alas it was short lived. A trip to the local bar made me realize that I’m far too old. Having your favorite haunt over run with minors snaps you back to reality pretty quickly. Oh how I wished for their faces to decompose before my eyes as the grip of aging visits the same horror upon them.


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