Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If its half as bad as you say it is, I'm in!

In December I will be going to Israel. I am one of 14 people across the country chosen to be sent on this junket. So I guess my dinosaur story paid off. Pretty cool I’d say.

I also had a pretty interesting job offer come my way, so things seem to be looking up.

Now only if I could get a grant from the government to continue my research on paranormal activity, I’d be set.

I remembered when I met Kylie Minogue in Australia. I remember it was at the bar I used to pass on the way to my hostel across from the empty lot towards the mall. I have forgotten its name. Drunken Abos used to fight outside of it and it was made entirely out of wood. It had a peculiar smell resembling vomit from the disinfectant all the bars used there. There was sawdust on the floor to soak up all the beer and I stood in the doorway, a small pile at my feet where I slide to a stop. I remember the walls curling away from me in round pillars and I remember wondering who made pillars out of wood and why were they leaving me exposed like this?

I couldn’t move or speak; I could see nearby TVs flicker and projected light onto my cheeks. Behind me to my right was a round table that people used for racing frogs, I hadn’t bet again since I lost on that sticky night in the bush. Meghan was at my side tugging me for something, I can’t remember if I had one in my hand, but we were drinking snakebites that night. I was in complete surprise at her beauty, her skin was so fair. She had incredible feline eyes and I stood there in my dirty Charolettetown Hornets jersey that I stole from Jake.

I didn’t want to speak to her; I was content just to stare. I had a soft fuzziness from the alcohol, but the light soothing chill that accompanies light headedness. I felt like floating and pirouetting upwards like cigarette smoke. And I didn’t remember that I had a perfect photographic image of it in my mind until now.


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