Monday, October 15, 2007

150th Post. Raise your tiny fists to heaven once again...

I’ve been thinking a lot about aliens these days. I kind of want to meet one, and I really want to go on their ship. I kind of like the idea of speeding across the face of the earth and carving intricate drawings in farmers’ fields with my mind. What a better testament to someone you love then to will the crops to bow in submission to your emotion?

I find a lot of people believe in them but only in the vaguest of terms. Like on the balance of probabilities given the infinite vastness of space something must be out there. As if people have some sort of inferiority complex that there is no way that we are that unique.

The other day as I came back from my first ever Oktoberfest I watched as a car merged onto the highway. A small child sat staring out the window off into the distance. I thought how I will never posses the same vision, I will never hold that particular vantage point, so that person and their experience is unique simply based on position. What magic did those retinas absorb? What secrets were contained by her eyelids? So does this mean that it is in fact possible to be this unique and lucky to occupy the position we do? Or are we just staring into the distance waiting for a different perception that is better than ours to unseat our enviable position?

Wink if you hear me...


At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Santropol Courant said...

congrats baby. you make me want to be a better blogger.


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