Tuesday, October 09, 2007

im not even entertained by this

Sometimes I wonder if the evolutionary process imbued humans with remnants of prehistoric knowledge concerning impending doom. I’m kind of curious about my live fast, die young mentality; I make no preparations for the future, have little or no regard for my well being, and I’m fine with that. However, I have this idea gnawing at the back of my head that something is about to happen.

Did dinosaurs have any inclining of what would happen hanging out in the shadow of the asteroid? Did cave men realize the destruction they would bring upon the earth when they invented fire or discovered the division of labour? Was there one enlightened soul among them that had a clue and passed this knowledge on as he impregnated a monkey?

Is my lazy attitude just me picking up the sign of the futility of life and the general vanity of existence? Is there a piece of Paleolithic data clinging to my DNA that’s coaching me along telling me not to worry because we’re all fucked anyways?

Maybe this is why I drag my feet or never write instructions down.


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