Monday, November 26, 2007

Who Knew?

This weekend I went to the Grey Cup tailgate parties in Toronto. Now if you’re from Toronto you’d never expect it, but the Grey Cup is actually a really big deal. We arrived at the Edmonton Eskimos suite and found our drunken friends dancing around a pyramid of empty beer cans. Red faced and spitting, they had been building it since noon. Cheerleaders stopped to take photos beside it and middle age men with watermelons on their heads chugged beer just to see it grow faster.

It was a sight to behold. I guess the best part was it was all western Canadians and I felt like I was out in Saskatchewan again. We saw Glass Tiger play and I must have been one of 100 people who brought their girlfriend, you’d be hard pressed to find women that weren’t paid to dance. So there I was at Canada’s Biggest Sausage Fest (besides UCC) with beer suds running down my sleeve as I held a can in the air to Spirit of the West.

I’m definitely gonna do it next year. And congrats to all my “Wheat Heads” or what ever the fuck they call them selves on the Rough Riders win!


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