Sunday, November 04, 2007

In the not so distant future Saskatoon edition

Long after humans had been over thrown, there emerged a small movement to try to restore elements of their life. Robots employed a weighted matrix of rational decision making until humans were extinct. The last one lay screaming in a pool of blood as the prisoners dilemma for a final time played out against her.

After attaining a human like level of sentience they were able to determine that it was humans that were the only obstacle to harmony on earth and they went about disposing of them. Some thought that along with enlightenment would come compassion akin to charity, however this was not the case as emotional considerations generally only served to further the self-destruction of humans in the first place.

And thus in the wake of all this carnage, after the blood was buffed from the cold metal exo-skeletons of robots, regret emerged. And in the place of a once industrious yet wayward species was a longing for the vitriol that started the decent into the “carbon based extinction”.


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