Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fumbling toward entropy

I drove the open road across endless prairies. I watched the dirt rise behind me and pretended it was my tail and that I was a giant monster that skulked across the land. I sat still and held my breath as I watched wild horses lick the ice of frozen slews; I curled my long and slender finger around a broadcast tower and let the hum of interstellar transmissions tickle my scales.

I peered into the distance and saw smoke from a prairie fire. I tore off across the face of the earth towards it, never reaching the horizon it became an impossible tease. The imprint of my endeavor scourged the land in my wake as fields and wildlife and livestock all fell into its cavernous depths. Secrets and hopes and not a few regrets all tumbled down its steep banks and I reflected on the futility of my journey in the first place.

Having accomplished nothing I systematically destroyed everything that crossed my path. I barred my teeth in a twisted grimace at my own misfortune. Not that it mattered because I only become conscious of wrong doing long after its effects become irreversible. And so I sat, perhaps the world most powerful monster, stranded and alone and far from home, I gave up my mighty form in hope that my new body would grant me the ability to tread more lightly and not hurt those I loved.

From now on if I wanted to hurt people, I would have to use my mind and formulate complicated plans and possess the ability to execute them flawlessly rather than utilize recklessness or brute force. A possibility that no one should fear given then relative weakness of my mind.


At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Santropol Courant said...

I love you. Even when you're an evil prairie giant.


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