Thursday, November 22, 2007

I think its fairly obvious that I'm still drunk right now

I guess the greatest thing about snow in Ottawa is how it illuminates those ghosts that follow me everywhere. Not even they can escape the all punishing snow of Ottawa. I first saw it last night, a romantic fabric being woven across the city, my blurred vision made all the more terrible by the gentle yet incessant falling of the snow. At least I was able to slink away without being noticed after a particularly offensive bout of karaoke. Everyone just looks at their feet to shield themselves from the ever present onslaught.

At first people humour it, like it’s a fun little game. Perhaps a reality TV show that puts them in hilarious situations and they laugh at how absurd it is as they weather it like it is a temporary phenomenon. I caught many eyes on the way to work, people studying others faces trying to find someone to share in their joy. Never mind the fact that they are unprepared and their boots are full, and not only does that umbrella look stupid, it’s useless. Yet they cheerfully trudge through the virginal snow like its some sort of exercise that will exorcise their demons because how can they not be pure when everyday life all of a sudden resembles heaven?

That’s where they’re wrong. Whereas some people welcome the snow at first as some sort of evil suppressant that bats about their persecutors, I know that it only serves to illuminate them. Some people feel shielded by the snow, but quickly that wears off, look at peoples faces come January. Clearly molested, obviously downtrodden, it isn’t temperature getting them down, it’s the realization they weren’t in fact insulated from a mean and punishing world, they just let their guard down and now are all the more vulnerable to that which they feared in the first place.

That’s why its so much fun to hold your tongue out and allow plump flakes to melt in your mouth….because we all know that sin is delicious!


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