Sunday, December 09, 2007

This may or may not be my last post before heading to Israel. Tied up as many loose strings as I could before leaving. Spoke with my friend from Israel who just happens to be here while I’m in his home land. He gave me a package to deliver to his girl back home. Here’s hoping it’s not drugs or other illegal substances that will land me with a Palestinian room mate for the next twenty years.

I guess the big thing is still my grandma. Had a rough night with her last night. I’m really pissed off, like everything I could ever want is locked up in plain view of me and I struggle to find the right combination of words to unlock it. I really want to know what she thinks about, but that’s the one question she won’t answer. I asked a few times to the point I think I started annoying her.

Last night she even chastised me (mistakenly) for not being nice to my girlfriend. I was worried that would be the last convo we ever had, I was like WTF grandma, say something to inspire me to greatness not something that will haunt me forever! Luckily today she said “thanks for the help”, again, not really applicable, but still a lot better.


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