Monday, October 30, 2006

Man eff my stupid town!

So I'm totally pissed! Each year this weekend, the youth of my home town descend upon a dead-end road terminating in a marsh to raise the dead. Years ago at the end of a spooky winding road some dude drove off the end of the road on his motorcycle and killed himself. So now as a sort of annual pilgramage/rite of passage thing a group of dumb kids hop in their cars and go down to the end of this road at midnight and flash their high beams into the marsh. Then this whole supernatural shit goes down and some bored ass and lonely ghost appears on his bike, does a few burnouts and freaks out the whole town.

Well as the worlds' foremost expert on the paranormal, I'm typically invited to preside over the whole event. Well it turns out this year that the subcommittee of ghost affairs have decided to go with a different Chancellor of Undead Revelry. This being an election year this dumb ass municipal councillors are trying to garner favour with an emerging interest group.

As a member of the subcommittee of ghost affairs I was a vocal opponent to the appointment of the new Chancellor of Undead Revelry. Unfortunately I didn't have enough support in committee to vote down the motion, thanks to a tricky procedural move by Mayor Jonkman that required a super majority of ¾ to defeat any recommendation from the department of culture. Well guess who's an employee of the department of culture? None other than the brother of the new Chancellor of Undead Revelry who just bought property from the mayor at a steep discount. Who, btw, also represents a large business consortium which just moved into town. So now we're stuck with this 2 bit hack who's doesn't know shit about the particular local dynamic that makes this event so fun and meaningful.

The patronage and corruption makes me sick. Now I'm stuck playing with my balls when I should be out there preparing for the paranormal event of the year! Bullshit!


At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

im sure u got enough ball playing by someone else this weekend.....hahahaha

At 10:26 PM, Blogger El Chupacabra said...

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