Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bridging the gap

Yeah I'm that corporate. Now I'm writing to appease fans rather than keeping it street and writing what I want. So here's my attempt to reconcile the desires of my two audiences. The first, my original following, those who look to me for the latest updates on underworld phenomenon, and the second, those who pity me and my woeful tales of anguish and my reflections on love.

As mentioned before I've been kicking the idea around of zombies and love. Up until now, two separate and distinct genres, but I think it's high time that someone explores the ramifications of zombies in love! I will look at philosophy, palaeontology and my own experience to render a judgement on the age old question; just how much of their humanity do zombies retain?

So one of the defining characteristics of a zombie is it's regression to a primal being. Zombies are thought to be only set on one thing-killing, or more specifically eating. The zombie gene, when attached to human DNA mutates it so that only the most primitive of impulses are received. This has to do with synapses along the central nervous system. Due to the fact that zombies are now dead and subject to decay, these synapses also degenerate so they are no longer receptive to more sophisticated or refined impulses. Only those that are hard wired through evolution into the human brain, like the need for food and water, transfer from one neuron to the next. So whether a zombie is hungry or not it will always hunt and kill. That's why you see in zombie movies a lot of biting and tearing of flesh but very little chewing and swallowing.

So here we have evidence of primal behaviour that is really just the result of succumbing to man's oldest needs. These same impulses are in all of us, but it is only when we get the zombie gene that we (usually) succumb to them. In my Grade 10 book report on the Lord of the Flies (that's right I'm quoting myself, I'm that cocky!) "Primitive man has found nature to be unfeeling, harsh and cruel. Nature has only become 'beautiful' since technology has insulated us from it." We must remember that zombies and human don't share a common experience of nature. For us it's remote, far removed from our existence. Something we choose to encounter in a leisurely fashion. However, for a zombie or a hombie (someone who's making the transition from a human to a zombie) nature is not an option, it's all they have, and so they descend to what we would consider a savage state. Yet who are we to judge? If the only consideration were those of the civilized, rational man, we would have seen those poor souls who were forced to eat each other when their plane crashed in the Andes found guilty by a jury of their peers. Yet they weren't. Civility is relative, relative to the circumstance that one finds them self in. The enlightened thinker Rousseau believed that man was more noble in his savage state than anyone realized. "Very often it is profitable to let humans be humans, individuals, some strong and brave, some weak, some good, some bad..or given the right circumstances both." Who among us can claim to be anything but human? Then who among us can deny that our basic components comprise of nothing more than a thin veil of civility over unabashed and savage need?

So this bring me to my next point, another primal urge, love or sexual desire. Now it has to be noted that early humans probably experienced something closer to jealousy or a mere desire for possession then love itself. But as witness by countless cave drawings or early statuettes there was a certain level of devotion that was put into the crafting of these artefacts. Consider the Venus of Willendorf from the Upper Palaeolithic period, sure the motivation may have been out of superstition or fear, but still attention was paid and the concept of service was born. So it is possible that the ability to love was present in early humans. The same humans with their hunter instinct, the same humans that exhibited the most brutal of behaviour (which are now being exhibited by zombies) were able to grasp this advanced human emotion. Any scholar who has studied the works of these early artisans would be unable to deny the devotion of these people. They demonstrated advanced cognitive behaviour in the recognition of a abstract idea, so why would they not posses the ability to recognize a value system pertaining to a tangible reality, another human. So it is my belief that love is also hardwired into the human subconscious, and it is in fact an inherant trait rather than a learned behaviour.

So if human DNA were to become mutated with the introduction of the zombie gene, it is possible that man would retain their ability to love. Again it would probably be insatiable much in the same way that hunger is, but still present none the less. The reason zombies don't typically display this emotion is for a number of reasons. For one, humans keep killing them in a fit of judgmental rage. Another reason, although it is a fundamental need, it is still subservient to other desires i.e. hunger. So if zombies were allowed to persist long enough to recognize the fact that they had their fill of bloody human, they may very well turn their attention to that need that they've been neglecting, and one that they probably require more than anything else-love. For with love comes understanding, and with understanding comes acceptance. And that is when zombies will begin to feel a sense of self actualization, and may very well recognize that they're not all that different from humans after all. Perhaps the next time you meet a zombie a little love would go along way in bridging the gap between two species that have historically been at odds. Good luck out there! And remember garlic only works on vampires as I discovered the hard way!


At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Ray said...

yo this be ray, testin out this system....pece out yo!!!

At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha ray i love that when i clicked ure name it took me to an unfunctional address jayisgay! man ure the best!

At 1:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You dumb son of a bitch! What are you some bio drop out or something? How are neurons going to accept some impulses but not others in an advance state of decay?

This is the worst blog ever!


At 2:27 PM, Blogger El Chupacabra said...

Ok Anon,

This is elementary neurobiology, in fact I'm upset that you didn't do some research before first coming to my blog. I wasn't awarded the title "The Worlds Foremost Expert on the Paranormal" for nothing. So let me break this down for you real simply.

This is how memories are formed and recalled...

When you read something for the first time, to make it relevant to you lets say, Play Girl or popular mechanics, a path is charted along the neurone in your brain. It travels to the spot in your brain that warehouses this information. Along the way it connects with different pre-established "paths" from previously acquired knowledge. The net result is a "web" of connected neurones all strung together by synapses. The knowledge is propelled through these paths in the form of an electric impulse made of a sodium and potassium solution. Clear so far? Oh yeah, and btw you're a douche.

Then, whenever you need to recall this info, be it the fuel displacement of a space shuttle or the abs of a hunky guy, this info travels along the same path. In a sense it is like a muscle that can develop, the more you use it the stronger the path, the quicker you can recall things. Have you ever tried to remember something and it's on the tip of your tongue but for the life of you can't recall it? Or you've done something before but no matter how hard you try you can't replicate the action? Like the last time you tried to take off a girls bra perhaps? That's because your synapses are not connecting because they are in fact atrophying, this happens in old age with short and long term memory loss. So when you die these are the first to go.

However, when dealing with instinct (the only things that zombies can draw on) they are "hard wired" into your brain. They don't require connections or synapses they are always present. That's when someone goes to poke you in the eye, you don't have to remember to blink, your body does it for you in an instant. Therefore these primal urges/reactions are always present, but it is the emergence of other pathways through socialized behaviour that limit our usage of them. That's why only zombies and weird Germans go around eating people, cuz the rest of us are able to suppress it. So these auxiliary pathways (those dealing with sentiment or romance) decay and the other ones (those dealing with rudimentary need fulfilment) don't.

Is this clear? Are you still a douche bag?

At 7:56 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

anon is definitely still a douche bag, el. if he was right, zombies would not exist and they definitely do. thanks for educating the masses, as this is a subject close to my heart. It seems Dutch scientists have actually made advances in this field, I dated one of these mutant human/zombies you spoke of, not long ago. Atleast I think it was Dutch he was muttering...

It was a very short relationship because he disappeared one night shopping for cigarettes. but it was definitely enlightening. your hypotheses are generally right, he was still pretty animal (great in the sack) but he really helped me deal with some emotional issues. that's love. i miss you eugggh...

At 9:00 PM, Blogger Dizzy said...

Do the Undead have lifelines? Can you read their palms? I picture it very senual to go palm to palm with the undead. The energy flow... the shiver.

Fingertip to fingertip

At 12:45 AM, Anonymous mustafa said...

hahaha...i love this post!... so yea speaking of love and zombies, i finally met a zombie last night...it was a female zombie, so i figured that since zombies are regressing "to a primal being" that they would be good in bed, rather animalistic.... so i slipped her a rufi, nothing unusual that what i do to get laid, and you know one thing led to another...but i gotta tell you it was baaaad, infact i was the one remotely close to an animal...so yea my buzz cleared up and what i thought was a zombie turned out to be blow up doll...no wonder she didn't move...


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