Thursday, October 19, 2006

A wilful imposition of pain

Harvel Hendriz calls it Imago, Sigmund Freud calls it "repetition compulsion." Basically it's when we relive the most brutal or tragic moments of our lives in order to have influence over the outcomes. Take for instance a woman who as a young child was neglected by her father, she will look for those same qualities in her partner without even realizing it. She subconsciously self selects individuals who exhibits this behaviour so she can do her utmost to overcome it as she never had the capacity to do so as a child. Its a way of finding closure to some of life's most unsettling and helpless moments, its the reclamation of dignity from a time where you suffered a lack of control.

Freud says, along the same lines, that we will repeatedly place ourselves in the most disastrous of situations over and over again in an attempt gain mastery over loss. A painful internalization of a super-egoic need to do things that we don't want to do, and again a way of exerting control over an aspect of life that torments us and renders us helpless.

So what's it gonna be is the question it seems..


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