Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Just a self-important update...

I probably wont post for a few days and I wanted you to have some insight as to why...

1. I'm that cocky. I like to think that I have a readership that wakes up at 9 AM eastern standard time, even though they're on the west coast, to see if I've updated. Sucka' I caught you! extreme blog tracker strikes again!

2. Because of the grotesque but thought provoking comment from my poetic darling Dizzy I'm actually doing some research on the subject. Maybe it's cuz it's almost Halloween but I think I'm gonna try and dig up dead people....and then do them.

3. Super hooked on the new MCR romance vid "welcome to the black parade" I love how much they sound like queen at the beginning. Plus I think they'd appreciate my zombie content.

4. Packing. That's right mofo's I'm moving back into my own place. No more sleeping on a pile of t-shirts on the floor of an office building. What's next? A second pair of jeans perhaps...

5. It's been 4.5 days without a cigarette, doing well, but I want to suck the teeth out of my head. Also my brother gave me some nicaderm and now I can't sleep cuz it gives me wonky dreams. Plus I think I'm allergic to them.

6. Also doing research for another piece. Well not so much research, I stole some law students thesis paper on android sentience and now I'm trying to reword it to make it sound like I wrote it. I don't know if it's a good idea to take credit for the intellectual property of a lawyer.

But don't worry I left you, my adoring public, with something to occupy yourselves in my absence. I have two great new features to my blog. 1) you can now e-mail me at, I have it forwarded to my blackberry so you can keep in touch with me non stop. And 2) I've added a translator, so now you can enjoy your favourite posts in 6 different languages!

Whatev' see you in a few days.


At 12:38 AM, Anonymous guy with a long dong said...

Just had a cigarette.....sweet sweet to say that nicotine is the best aphrodisiac for me...what do you think??? sweet sweet will help your game son.....


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