Friday, October 27, 2006

This is about my puppy

With 4 days left on the farm before getting my own apartment I'm getting pensive.

Yesterday I took my new puppy Sam out for a walk. He's the greatest addition to our family ever (sorry little bro') He replaced a huge void in our hearts after our ADHD afflicted boxer Sid was dog napped. It was an episode that griped the entire town, making it into the local paper twice. And not just a classified ad, but full-on 500 word stories complete with interviews, pictures and stirring narrative on how distraught we all were. Girls cried when they ran into my Dad at the grocery store and he answered that Sid had not yet been found. Just the other day an elderly lady come to my door to canvass for the municipal elections and inquired if we ever found him, and this is 6 months afterwards.

So anyways, as Sam and I made our way through the tall grass, chasing bugs and sneezing into dying flowers, we stumbled into a flock of birds in the field. They rose, hundreds of them, into the air with a terrifying noise. The sky resembled static as light would sneak between body and beating wing momentarily before being concealed and displayed again. A dizzying sight as they all, in loose formation, made a wide circle around the field before landing en mass again. They repeated this routine over and over for about 10 mins, and by the end they were a perfect square, not a bird out of place, all making precise corners and turning in unison. They were practising for their long migration, and Sam and I watched as they perfected their choreographed movements.

Sam and I have wonderful adventures, I can picture him going back to the house and telling our cats how he stood up to 1000 birds. One would yawn the other would purr its curiosity (after only a week of Sam being here Rovan already looks up to him). Cranky on the other hand doesn't realize just how big he'll get and she still thinks she's the boss. She'll be pissed when she gets exiled to Grandma's house for not trying to make friends.

Sam's learning how to climb stairs and the whole family ooh's and aahs its joy. When he gets to the top of the long flight of stairs he's welcomed with loud congratulations as we smack his floppy ears around and tickle his skinny ribs through his tiny chest.

Sam doesn't judge, he doesn't blame, he's totally innocent. He bites when he doesn't like something or he's teething and he does funny stuff when he's happy, like run in circles and falls over as his wobbly legs slide out from underneath him. It's all so simple with him. Sam's the greatest friend I've ever had.


At 9:06 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

:( sid... such a great dog.

you are going to miss sam. your story makes me wish i had a dog. and lived on a farm. with grandma close by. and... ya. you're leaving the farm? crazy.


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