Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Boycott Halloween

Can't really bring myself to study. I have several issues or impediments all of which would see me do anything but study. My new puppy Sam peed all over my notes so then I was stuck sitting on my hard ass chair in my room with my nose tucked under the collar of my t-shirt, my neck all sore with my head was tilted down and my shoulders hunched up. Also, I aced the fuck out of an exam last night with out even studying, I was actually insulted by how easy it was and felt it was a waste of time. A couple of times I contemplated skipping questions out of protest due to their poor grammar. I know I'm not a grammar whiz as my readers have so graciously pointed out but I can recognize a double negative when I see one.

I'm also supposed to move today and can't find a van. My poor friend has been stuck holding on to my big ass mattress for two months now and I should probably move it from her living room. I don't particularly feel like doing that either. It seems motivation is a problem all around these days. Maybe it's not sunny enough, or maybe I don't see the direct correlation between effective study habits and a successful life. For some reason I expect this blog and it's stupid entries about monsters to be more vital to my future than a degree. Like this is work experience to put on my resume cuz I'm gonna apply for a job as a ghost buster or something.

In any event I cant focus for 2 seconds and the Ginko Biloba isn't helping. So according to my text book Arabs smell like dog pee and Nasser was made famous by invented Youtube as a way of sending subliminal messages to his Bedouin clone army.

This is gonna be a sweet exam!


At 7:02 PM, Anonymous ray said...

oh boy do i hear you on the lack of motivation, today i felt reallly wierd as if someone just sucked the energy right out of me... it's been like this the entire week... i have my portfolio management exam on thurs and i don't want to do anything! i feel so drained, so out of it.....neways back to doin' nothing, oh and if u need any help with movin' shit call me cuz u know that i strrrong likeee how u say bull!! ... oh and i am "good at moving stuff because i like airplanes" ... you kill me sometimes...lol


At 7:10 PM, Anonymous Ray said...

a degree is key buddy...in this world it will give you some validaty...but i agree with you in that effective study habbits don't lead to a successful life...it's all about haveing a good personality and knowing the right people!...it's who not what u know....

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you both are dorks, you and ray seriously i dont know who is more messed up, the short brown dude with sand in his pockets or the white dude who cant fight, and fu arabs dont smell like pee, u racist mofo, dont u remember the smell of a sweet arab girl? :P


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