Monday, October 19, 2009

Adventures In Babysitting

So its been about 3/4s of a year since my last post and there is only one word to sum up my absence. Strippers.

Like passed-out-drunk-on-their-door-step-because-you-are-so-attentive-to-every-word-that-they-say-that-you-can-track-them-down, Strippers. The inner most workings of your reproductive system isn't the only detail I'm paying attention to...careful what comes out of your mouth.

Like getting-my-girlfriend-out-of-bed-and-begging-her-for-money-and-to-ignore-the-bouncer-standing-on-the-other-side-of- our-apartment-door, Strippers. I'm full of alot of things, and money isn;t one of them.

Man, I cant even count the amount of times I should have been arrested.

Welcome back.


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