Friday, January 16, 2009

Lets get a bottle and drink, tonight!

I’ve been suffering juvenile fits lately. I swear I’m devolving or regressing or something and I love it. I dance erratically like kids in those kiddy pop videos from the 80’s. I head bang to rap, I jump kick to metal, I pack my face with as much beer as I can possibly fit and shake my head until its foams from my mouth and burns as it expands down my throat. I’ll thrash about until my glasses are flung from my face and I’m forced to squint into the faces of my horrified friends.

Fuck you, just because I’m driving with a suspended license because I’m too afraid to open my mail and I’m banned from my favorite strip club doesn’t mean you can judge me. Why do you care anyways? Sure it limits birthday activities and I’m pretty sure people can see through my meager excuses when I say I’m all of a sudden morally opposed to strip clubs.

Me not loving strippers? Its one of the only honest things I do!


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