Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Watch and learn; this is how you get laid!

Me: Drunkenly MSMing chicks.

Her: Loving my poor spelling

First off, girls love it when you can spot a good deal, so imagine how impressed she was when I told her I got 2 pounds of wing and 5 beers for 18 bucks! That, plus me crafting dope poetry at the same time, how could she resist?

Such romantic things like inventing a new karate move and naming it after her then going around punching old people in the heart so they can feel what its like to die alone without her. That doesn’t even make sense but it’s golden, she ate that shit up!

A few more lines like that and she’ll overlook the fact that I’m about one beer away from pissing myself. And I’m gonna think of her while I do it!

Doesn’t get sexier then that! Welcome to the bone zone!


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