Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In the not so distant relatively distant future

Spectrums are abandoned all together. Rainbows were in vogue for a while, as were disorders like Klienfelters and SARS, but now only absolutes ruled the day.

Conjecture went by the way side, as did circumspection and deliberation. Now things were cut and dry as enforced by the interplanetary council of responsible assurance. There seemed to be some unsavory moments resulting from unruly questioning of rationale in our past that lead to a crack down. Now if things weren’t certain they weren’t considered for public consumption. And of course by “seemed to be” it is universally regarded merely in its historical context where such things as “seeming” still existed, and not in its now common occurrence of absolute being.

Somewhere a robot yawned lazily while gently stroking its circuitry.

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