Tuesday, February 26, 2008

There's nothing left to save

I am glad i ventured out tonight. It's dangerous business going out your front door. Ottawa was completely deserted tonight. I moved under the snow thick and delicate. It quietly frosted everything, and i owned it all. I looked over the canal at its far end and imprinted my hand in the carpet of snow, i passed under the towers of parliament and craned my neck upwards to watch the snow spin once caught in the lights. I imagined them as tractor beams beckoning the world, or indians or whoever reads and reacts to such things. I stood in the middle of Sparks streets and examined both my flanks and thought of all I could steal. I thought if I was the last human alive i'd never abandon this city in search of better fortunes if it always looked like this. Snow is like two asprins, it takes the edge off everything.

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