Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Please, keep these word safe behind my teeth

I think I will take a bit of a break from my Israel diary. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to try and tie together all the loose ends and make all the salient points required in summing up the trip of a life time.

It’s snowing again in Ottawa. Like little paratroopers of guilt or shame bombarding you, they stick around only long enough to get caught in your eyelashes then melt away. So that much like guilt, you don’t remember the actual infraction, just the consequences of.

Raining on me today were my failures at school, the disapproving glare of my girlfriend, my inability to get out of bed in time. I’m moving to Toronto, I hope that it will put some distance between me and my most recent failures. Awaiting me back in Toronto are some original ones that I can get reacquainted with, it’s been a while since I’ve had to confront those cold alleyways that I crouched against in shame and ridicule. Or those slush filled street that slowed my retreat from the advances of regret, they always follow the same path, across Carleton then south down Jarvis to behind the hotel. I’ll meet it there, I always do.


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