Sunday, February 24, 2008

Live Bloggin from home

11:00PM- Never done live blogging before so I thought I'll try it. I'm not actually at home, I'm at a friends house while my g/f is out of town. I'm waiting for Matt to call me to grab a drink, so i'm killing time.

11:01PM- Loving Stars, especially this. I also found alot of a cappella stuff I like on Youtube today.

11:03PM-Drinking my friends wine, hope he doesn't notice. No sense in waiting for Matt's slow ass.

11:05PM- Got a pin from my girlfriend. Explained why I'm killing time. She asked me to do work!

11:06PM-Thinking about the time my friend Karen sang a song and said "this is bad new for animals" they cant read the news. They don't know if its really bad or not.

11:07PM- Just noticed that I've lost two friends on facebook. I got to track these people down. Wonder what I did?

11:09PM- People probably do this durring exciting events. So far this has been not exciting or eventfull. 1 minute to go.

11:10PM- What a waste of time.

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At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

boo to you! - Santropol Courant


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