Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'll smashee your noseee in a second

I’m finally settled here in Toronto. On my first night, Noah joined me from our Mivghash (encounter) in Israel. She said funny things and we fell asleep, but it was good to “break the distance”. The next day I awoke to a protest against Scientology, people in Guy Fox masks crowded the streets and shouted obscenities into their masks that just reverberated in their own ears while emitting only a muffle beyond the plastic. The next morning I awoke to the St. Patrick’s Day parade and my girlfriend was thrilled to live into Toronto.

It’s good to be back, its good to be famous. I feel like a returning conqueror and when I walk into a room half of it hushes the other half light up to see me. I stand at my balcony and let my eyes glaze over at the overwhelming view. The CIBC tower, the Bay tower, this tower, that tower all glowing, all amazing. It was a full week before I noticed the small side streets lined with red brick homes 25 floors below.

I like the idea of giants hulking and their wonder distracting from the smaller virtues that scurry below them. I like thinking of myself like that too.



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