Friday, March 21, 2008

I’m going to have to limit my drunken walks home to half an hour max. I thought I escaped my monsters, left them in my dust of a rotten shell game that bounced me back and forth between different bodies of water. I saw there shiny underbellies arching over streets, their wings fanned out as they leapt from building to building. In Ottawa they were smaller, taking the form of people passing by or lurking ineffectually, now they’re the size they were in Saskatchewan, just their harmless demeanor is replaced by hostile acrobatics threatening and abrasive.

I saw their claws dig into the side of buildings, their gargoylian faces scowling into the darkness. I clenched my fist ready to punch in a final fit of futility as they would smile upon the stroke that murders me. Yet they suffice to simply torment me. Welcome back to Toronto.

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