Monday, March 24, 2008

You can go fuck an atomic level that is!

If gravity is simply the force created between two masses then there really is something between me and my girlfriend. I argued with my friend that even though she’s in Montreal right now it remains unbroken and relative to the sun, actually stronger than the gravity we experience here on earth. He says the sun is larger and the distance greater relative to me and my girlfriend standing 6 hours apart, thus the power exerted greater. I told him he had a jaded view of proximity and he can’t judge closeness; up close or with the perspective that distance provides.

I imagine it as a thin white ribbon that flutters in the cold Quebec wind while draped around her shoulders. I can spin it tight enough to get musical cords out of it and send her harmonic messages like snapcase in high-school. Much like my girlfriend, touch a guitar gently enough and you’d be surprised what you can make it say.

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